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Universal Genève Triple Calendar

Making a new bezel for a 1940s triple calendar wristwatch with moon phase indication

This lovely vintage stainless steel Universal Genève wristwatch with triple calendar and phase of the moon indication has lost its bezel and needed a full restoration.

We tackled the missing bezel first, finding a photograph of an original example to use as inspiration before turning the replacement out of stainless steel on our 1970s 8mm lathe. We could then go about restoring the movement, cleaning the dial and replacing the hands which were later examples not in-keeping with the age and style of the watch.

Matching replacement components when you don’t have an original to work to is always a fun challenge! We were delighted to be able to give this watch a second chance of being worn and appreciated again, the way it was designed and made to be.

Do you own a similar timepiece that you would like to have restored? Contact us using the form below and we’ll be in touch soon.