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E. W. Streeter Fob Watch

Servicing a Victorian 18ct fob watch with enamel monogram

This lovely little 18ct fob watch was retailed by E. W. Streeter on New Bond Street, London in the late-nineteenth century. Despite its age, this watch had spent most of its life in storage so was in lovely condition and just needed a service to get it back up and running.

There were a few chips to the blue enamel monogram on the case back which were repaired; and the English lever movement was fully stripped, cleaned, and overhauled. All our services, even the straightforward ones, include the polishing and re-bluing of screws (if required) and polishing of any worn pivots. Even a basic service of a vintage or antique watch like this can take a fully-trained watchmaker 5-6 hours to complete. This attention to detail extends the service life of the watch and will make it easier for future repairers to maintain it in years to come.

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